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Cardinia Life Aquatic Centre

Cardinia Life Aquatic Centre

Cogeneration Heating Project

  • Location: Pakenham, Victoria.
  • Client: Cardinia Shire Council
  • Head Contractor: Evo Industries Australia Pty Ltd

Cardinia Life is the premier health and recreational facility in the Cardinia district of Victoria. The facility was also responsible for a large portion of the district’s greenhouse gas emissions. In 2012 it represented 26% of the council’s emissions or 2,325 tonnes. To mitigate against this, the Cardinia City Council engaged Evo Energy Technologies to provision a cogeneration plant and to upgrade their facilities for maximum energy efficiency and cost savings.

Evo Energy Technologies is set to install a containerised version of the Miraclegen MC247N-SC CHP unit by mid 2014. This MC247N-SC unit has an electrical output of 135kW and thermal output of 210kW. The stand-alone system will be fitted with a Heinzmann Lean Burn Ignition Control for further reductions in energy and emissions. Along with this there will be a ComAp IG-NTC-BB controller and IV8 8″ Touch Screen Interface, which will be integrated into the facility BMS.

Remote monitoring and optimal control will be easily achieved via ComAp’s Intellimonitor and Websupervisor systems. This means that the system can be closely monitored from any computer or smartphone device, from anywhere in the world.

The total project is anticipated to save:

  • $111,000 per year in energy costs
  • 1,224 tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions per year (or the equivalent annual emissions of over 300 cars).

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