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Rivalea have recently partnered with Evo Energy and 2G to further minimise their environmental footprint & reduce energy consumption with their upcoming biogas generator installation.   

Rivalea is one of Australia’s leading integrated agri-food companies. Rivalea will significantly minimise their environmental footprint with the installation of a custom built 2G Avus500plus in a 12m container module.

2G Container  

The biogas fuel used by this system is captured from the natural breakdown of pig manure and turns a waste product into an energy source. The 2G Avus500plus unit, supplied by Evo Energy offers combined heat and power technology that guarantees advanced energy efficiency of up to 90%.  This means enormous cost savings as well as a massive reduction in carbon emissions.  

The biogas cogeneration installation is expected to generate around 25% of the sites power per year resulting in considerable energy cost savings for Rivalea. The project is estimated to offset over 28,000 per annum tons of CO2 equivalent emissions from grid and methane emissions avoided. 

2G have completed the Rivalea custom build in their main production site based in Heek, Germany and the container module has now arrived on site ready for installation.

Container on truck Container arriving

360 Degree Viewer

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