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Evo and – The Ultimate Cogeneration Solution

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology is a decentralised power generation system that guarantees advanced energy efficiency.

It’s an all-in-one CHP plant that powerfully converts up to 100% of valuable energy into electric and thermal energy. What’s your business using right now?

Introducing – The Undisputed Leader in Cogeneration Technology.

As an authorised 2G Partner, Evo’s cogeneration plants are electrically and thermodynamically superior. They are guaranteed to be more efficient than anything else on the market. Evo 2G Cogeneration systems are a clean, low-emission and commercially attractive way to generate heat and power for a myriad of commercial applications.

  • 30% higher total efficiency compared to micro turbines.
  • 10% higher system availability compared to competitors.
  • Best in class electrical efficiency. 43.7% for the Avus1000c
  • The 2G GBox50 has a total efficiency of 103% (34.5% electrical and 68.5% thermal efficiency)
  • Sizes range from 20kWe to 4000kWe
The Ultimate Cogeneration Solution

Low performance CHP systems and micro-turbines have poor electrical efficiency. This is around 35% for grid supplied electricity and as low as 28% for some other CHP brands. These units bleed out huge costs and emit much larger volumes of carbon dioxide.

In contrast, 2G CHP plants are extremely reliable and energy-efficient. They convert gaseous fuel into valuable electric and thermal energy. They utilise between 85% and 104% of all energy input for heat and power.

2G Cogeneration is the only sustainable and commercially optimised 21st century solution that will consistently surpass all competitors for sustainability and energy efficiency, benefiting your bottom line. Speak with Evo Energy Technologies today on (07) 3162 2213

2G Cogeneration - Precision German Engineering
Precision German Engineering



World class technology: Evo’s Cogeneration brings together the best of cutting-edge German engineering and innovation from 2G. Superior components are thoroughly tested and performance optimised, to ensure maximum durability and longevity. 2G’s dedicated subsidiary 2G Drives performs in-house testing and optimises the engines. We ensure that every system out-performs the competition every time.

Reduces fuel consumption by 20-30%: A 2G Biogas CHP system will use up to 30% less fuel compared to low-efficiency micro turbines. Our class-leading efficiency also means lower fuel consumption compared to all other cogeneration plants.

Flexible fuel generation: CHP systems are designed and manufactured for a range of gaseous fuels like natural gas and biogas for complete flexibility.

Endless commercial applications: From agricultural to industrial, waste management to corporate – the list is incredibly long.

Complete support: Evo Energy Technologies include pre-sales and post-sales product support and service availability. Comprehensive service packages are available and every 2G Cogeneration unit is backed up by 24/7 online monitoring via 2G’s central service centre in Germany.

Evo Energy Technologies are the Australian company bringing 2G’s CHP technology to all Australian business sectors. Speak with us today on (07) 3162 2213

Natural Gas CHP

2G's Natural Gas CHP is the most innovative and technologically advanced cogeneration plant currently available on the market..


Biogas CHP

2G Biogas Cogeneration is 40% more electrically efficient compared to ultra low efficient micro turbines. 2G is best in class in Biogas CHP.


Install Options

2G Cogeneration is avaialble in a variety of install methods. Modular container systems are 2G's specialty.



Trigeneration combines a highly efficient 2G CHP unit with an absorption chiller to produce heat, electricity and chilled water.


Integrated Solutions

See how Evo can combine 1 or more of these technologies into 1 superior system to reduce costs and CO2.


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