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About Cogeneration

CHP – How It Works

Conventional power generates only around 35% of primary energy as usable electricity. The rest of it (around 65%) is released into the atmosphere as heat and CO2 emissions.

Even more energy is lost as electricity travels through the grid to reach its destination. Historically, it’s a massive global problem for businesses and governments to manage this important commodity in the most environmentally and economically beneficial way.

The answer is Combined Heat and Power (CHP), also known as cogeneration. Combined heat and power uses a fuel source (either natural or biogas) and integrates the production of usable heat and electricity into one process.

Supreme Energy Efficiency of up to 104%

Heat and electricity is generated on-site where the energy and heat is needed. The combination of both thermal and electrical energy generation, means that up to 104% of primary energy is used. This means enormous cost savings as well as massive reductions in carbon emissions.

2G’s Cogeneration has a superior energy efficiency of between 90% to 104%. This is set to make other CHP and micro-turbine systems redundant.

GBox50 – More energy out than put in with 2G’s condensing technology!

The Installation

As the equipment supplier, Evo has associations with accredited contractors able to project manage your installation. 2G Germany has technicians that can visit your site and assist with the install of a stand-alone system that supplies heat and power directly at the point of use. This reduces your reliance on the national grid and reduces energy loss caused by transmission from centralised power plants.

On-site electrical power generation has many benefits including waste-heat recovery for heating, cooling, steam, dehumidification, or other process applications.

An Evo stand-alone 2G CHP system can be installed in a diverse range of commercial settings. See our applications page for more information. Commercial enterprises of all sizes, using different technologies and fuel types, all stand to benefit from a 2G CHP system.


About Natural Gas CHP


Natural gas has one of the lowest CO2 emission values of fossil fuels. There is a readily available supply system of natural gas through the national grid. The Evo 2G natural gas CHP offers a reliable, powerful and clean means for getting more than 90% energy efficiency at the point of use.

A 2G natural gas cogeneration plant is connection-ready and stand-alone. Manufactured in Heek, Germany, the 2G Cogeneration system is industry-leading and engineered and manufactured to the highest standards.

Although CHP runs on natural gas, it significantly reduces many businesses reliance on the national grid. Plus cogeneration means significantly less vulnerability to power outages and price fluctuations. It comes in a variety of fully-customisable configurations between 20 kW and 4,000 kW.

About Biogas CHP


Biogas CHP uses biogas derived from a fermentation process of natural biodegradable products. Usually this is the bacterial decomposition of organic material in landfill, organic process waste from food manufacturing, livestock waste products or the fermentation and processing of sewerage sludge at water treatment plants.

This fuel has the added benefit of being sustainable and carbon neutral. Using CHP to process the fuel provides up to 90% energy efficiency at the point of use.

2G Biogas CHP systems are composed of specially calibrated biogas engines, components and materials. These are designed to be highly reliable, powerful and efficient. Evo Energy Technologies offer Biogas cogeneration in fully-customisable configurations between 50kW to 3,000 kW.

Evo Capability Statement

2G are the industry leaders in Biogas and Natural Gas CHP. For these fuel sources there are no better solutions available. Call Evo Energy Technologies to find out more on (07) 3162 2213

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