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Trigeneration combines a highly efficient and low-emission 2G CHP power generation with an absorption chiller.

In some instances the heat utilisation of a Cogeneration system is highly seasonal. With the addition of an absorption chiller, additional waste heat from the Cogeneration system can be converted into chilled water for use in cooling processes.

Evo’s absorption chillers offer an impressive alternative to electric chillers with plenty of economic and environmental benefits – these include dramatically increased energy efficiency reduction of HCFC/CFC refrigerants, and reduced overall carbon emissions.

2G Trigeneration Solutions

Electricity → Heat → Chilled Water


Absorption chiller mounted inside a 2G custom modular container build

How it works

The combination of a Cogeneration plant with an absorption refrigeration system, efficiently uses excess heat for cooling.

  • Hot water from the cooling circuit of the Cogeneration plant drives energy for the absorption chiller.
  • The hot exhaust gas from the gas engine can be used as an energy source for steam generation.  Steam can then be used as an energy source for a highly efficient, double-effect steam absorption chiller.
  • Use up to 80% of the plant’s thermal output for chilled water


Here’s a simplified layout of a Trigeneration power plant for cooling, electricity, and hot water.

Trigeneration utilises waste heat from a CHP system for an absorption chiller, while simultaneously generating electricity for on-site consumption.



Superior combined cooling, heat and power technology (CCHP)

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High efficiency production of electricity and heat onsite

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Lower emissions

Lower your C02 emissions with CCHP solutions

Evo's other thermal energy systems

In addition to absorption chillers, Evo Energy Technologies also offer a wide variety of other thermal energy systems.

  • Pressurised hot water
  • Steam generators
  • Thermal oil applications
  • Hot air generation
  • ORC (organic rankine cycle) power generation
  • Heat recovery technologies
  • Heat pump systems (In air-to-air, air-to-water and water-to-water configurations)

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