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Steam generator systems are used for generating process steam for various industries including the food, hospital, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Evo Energy Technologies can supply superior 2G steam generation solutions for your individual requirements.

2G steam generation solutions

A steam generator heats water with the waste heat from the exhaust gas of the CHP to a temperature above the boiling point so that it evaporates.

The generated steam can be used for processing or in combination with an absorption cooling system for building cooling.

Our ready-to-connect steam generator system includes the main boiler body with compulsory safety equipment, control systems, control box, insulation, exhaust gas bypass system and pump unit.  For outdoor installation, the system can also be delivered inside a container, as a turn-key system.

Every application that requires steam is individual and the requirements vary from project to project.  Contact Evo Energy Technologies today to discuss your steam generation requirements Ph: 1300 859 933.

Steam generator

Complete system

Additional components

Steam systems with an operating pressure >1 bar contain the following additional components, that assure the safety of the system:

  • water level limiter (NW)
  • water level regulator
  • optical water level indicator
  • conductivity monitor
  • safety valve
  • maximum pressure limiter
  • maximum pressure monitor
  • sediment drain valve (automatic)
  • sludge valve (automatic)
  • maximum water level controller


Latest technology

Latest technical developments in steam generation

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