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Fuel is a highly precious commodity, especially today when natural resources of fuel are on the verge of running out. That too in a scenario where almost 85% of the world energy need is fulfilled by conventional fuel.

A cogeneration system can however use natural gas or other useful by-products to produce electricity, making it a positive alternative to conventional energy. 

A natural gas cogeneration system has a very high calorific value and when used to power a cogeneration plant can produce a large amount of electricity using lesser amounts of fuel.  

Conventional power generates only around 35% of primary energy as usable electricity while the remaining 65% is released into the atmosphere as heat and CO2 emissions.  A cogeneration systems combination of both heat and power, means that up to 90% of primary energy is used delivering enormous cost savings as well as massive reductions in carbon emissions. 

The simultaneous generation of energy and heat is called combined heat and power (CHP) generation. While the energy is converted directly into electricity, the heat can be used for alternative purposes. Unlike conventional power that releases its unused heat into the atmosphere, a cogeneration system uses that heat for alternative benefits such as hot water, heating swimming pools, showers, air conditioners etc. This makes cogeneration technology extremely efficient and environmentally friendly.

Natural Gas Cogeneration uses natural gas and integrates the production of usable heat and electricity into one process: 

Step 1 – natural gas is burnt in cylinders to produce the power from the engine

Step 2 – The exhaust gas heat exchanger captures the heat released from the engine

Step 3 – The cogeneration system produces high efficiency heat using both the heat form the engine and the exhaust gas

Step 4 – the heated water goes through a heat exchanger and released to a secondary circuit (swimming pool, hot water, shower, air conditioners etc.)

Step 5 – the alternator turns the power produced from the engine into electrical power It is imperative to conserve our natural resources and find ways to make renewable energy more efficient if energy sustainability is to be achieved. To help achieve this, natural gas cogeneration plants are a positive solution available for a wide range of  businesses and industries worldwide.

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