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CHP/Trigen/Heat Pump Feasibility

Every business is different. Different needs. Different challenges. Different opportunities.

Provide Evo with data on your energy usage and costs for your business. And get a detailed analysis of the possible energy and CO2 savings.

Contact Evo Energy Technologies today on (07) 3162 2213 to discover how much you could save with our cutting edge CHP, Trigeneration and heat pump technologies.


  • Information on your business (including operating hours, size, layout and location).
  • 1 gas bill (1 month minimum, 12 months if available).
  • 1 electricity bill (1 month minimum, 12 months if available).
  • 30 minute interval data for electricity (if available from your energy provider).
  • 60 minute interval data for gas (if available from your energy provider).
  • Details of chillers.
  • Details of boilers (steam, hot water and pool heating).
  • Details of space heaters.
  • Metering on any of the above equipment if available.


Complete the information below to get a quick snapshot of usage and possible savings

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Select ANY of the following that apply to your business *

 Hot water (showers etc.)
 Pool heating
 Liquid heating (commercial/industrial uses)
 Space heating
 Liquid cooling (commercial/industrial uses)
 Space cooling


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