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2G Biogas Treatment Systems

Silica Deposits

Biogas can be a very harmful fuel source with many highly reactive chemicals capable of doing major damage to an engine. All 2G Biogas systems are available with a full range of biogas cleaning equipment to ensure your valuable CHP investment is protected. Contact us for further information about 2G gas drying, cooling and activated carbon scrubbing equipment specifically designed to match a 2G system.

Biogas Dehumidification and Reheating

Biogas usually has a very high water vapour content. During periods of cold weather this water vapour can condense inside the gas pipework and react with chemicals such as H2S, NH3, CO and H2 to create highly corrosive componds. Additionally the high water content reduces the performance of the CHP system. Removing water vapour via dehumidification significantly improves the performance and reliability of a cogeneration unit.

Activated Carbon Filtration

High concentrations of Sulphur and Siloxanes in biogas can cause corrosion, wear, oil contamination and silicone deposits on internal combustion components leading to very high service and maintenance costs and reduced engine efficiency. Activated carbon filtration removes high amounts of these damaging impurities.

2G’s complete biogas cleaning and filtration systems are specifically designed and engineered to suit our biogas CHP systems.

Dont risk major engine damage with untreated biogas.

Silica Deposits
Silica Deposits

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