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Biogas pressure booster GRN

Biogas may be used to fuel gas engines and block-type thermal power plants.  They produce heat or electrical energy, which is then fed into the local heating or electricity networks.  The gas pressure boosting blowers serve to equalize line losses and to provide the biogas with sufficient pressure for the gas engines or thermal power plants.

Performance range:

  • Direct drive up to 40 mbar
  • Direct drive with frequency converter up to 90 mbar
  • Belt drive up to 160 mbar
  • Two-stage blow up to 300 mba
  • safe and reliable
  • Available in the device category Atex II 2G T1 (Zone 1)

Flexible configurations 

  • Various installation positions
  • Intake and discharge connections DN50- DN200 PN10

Low noise level

  • Low noise level due to finely bladed aluminum impeller and solidly cast housing (GGG40)


  • The light aluminum wheel requires only a small motor
  • Flat fan curve of constant pressure with changing volume flow rate
  • the absence of sensors, bypass line and dampers avoids costs and increases the reliability of the system

For high volume and pressure gas pressure booster

  • Welded steel housing or stainless steel
  • Impeller made of aluminum
  • Standard flanges PN10

Gas-tight fans

  • GRN + HA according to IS013349 Cat.H1


  • Flexible connections, vibration dampers and acoustic housing are available for all types (upon request)

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