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Biogas Flares

Complex technical systems require a view of the total as well as individual components and their interiors.  C-nox specialise in gas engineering components for low and high temperature flares.


Low temperature flares – Combustion of biogas, sewage gas and synthetic gases

The C-nox low temperature flares are distinguished by their simple and robust construction.  Thanks to the modular system, the most economical solution is available for every application.The maintenance and operating costs have therefore been reduced to a minimum.  Only high quality components are used, all of which fulfill all technical safety requirements including ATEX, DIN EN 746-2, DIN EN 298.  

C-nox have solutions for a combustion temperature of 850 degrees with the following products:

NT Flares – the professional option for all applicationsgas quantities 20 to 1,100Nm3/h

  • combustion rating from 110kW
  • LCN flares – the right option for retrofitting
  • gas quantities 20 to 365 Nm3/h
  • combustion rating approx, 110 to 2,000kW

High temperature flares – for the disposal of contaminates industrial waste gases

C-nox temperature flares are deployed when the environmentally compatible disposal of contaminated gases and exhaust air is required.  The origin and formation of these gases can be very variable.  

Most of these gases have a high calorific value from the outset and therefore combustible.  Other gases do not have a sufficient calorigic value.  These are called ‘lean gases’.  Such gases may, in certain circumstances be mixed with an additional, high-calorific support gas in order to fully burn up in the combustion chamber.

C-nox offers solution s for this combustion sector with the following products:

HTV Basic

  • >1000 degrees controlled without support gas

HVT Support

  • >1000 degrees controlled with support gas

HTV Advanced

  • >1000 degrees controlled support gas reduction
  • feed air pre-heater

C-nox Fire Box

  • >1000 degrees controlled
  • high support gas reduction
  • recuperative combustion chamber


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