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Filius 50-160kW

Filius Series

The Filius series from 2G is designed to meet the requirements of small biogas applications. Outstanding energy efficiency, extreme reliability and long service intervals are the hallmark of the Filius. Specifically designed to operate on biogas, the Filius CHP module can be supplied in open frame, acoustic cabinet or full containerised configuration. The Container variant is particularly suited to most biogas applications being supplied in a fully integrated connection ready module.

The Filius is available is sizes ranging from 50kWe to 150kWe.

Type Electrical Capacity Thermal Capacity Electrical Efficiency Thermal Efficiency
Filius 104 50 kW 70 kW 35.4% 49.8%
Filius 204 64 kW 85 kW 36.3% 48.1%
Filius R04 75 kW 85 kW 38.0% 43.0%
Filius 106 100 kW 110 kW 38.6% 42.4%
Filius 206 160 kW 155 kW 41.5% 40.2%

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