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Gas Storage Solutions

Evo Energy Technologies can supply high-quality and security-orientated gas storage products for our clients.  Whether you need double membrane biogas tanks, pole-supported biogas roofs, gas bags or storage lagoons, Evo Energy Technologies provides a wide range of premium products for all your storage requirements.

All biogas holder solutions are based on experience from one of the biggest suppliers of gas holders worldwide.  We can ensure outstanding quality when it comes to the base membrane material for the biogas holder solutions.

During operation, the biogas holder helps to compensate for fluctuations in production, consumption and volume due to temperature variance or to consumption storage.  In addition, it allows storing the produced biogas for later use.  This makes it possible to use the gas holder as a buffer storage for profitable base capacity utilization or for more flexibility in a needs-oriented supply model.  The optimal storage volume varies depending on the concept and operation model of the plant. 

Evo Energy Technologies supply practical solutions for noise and flood protection.  A mobile flood dam made of a special technical tissue provides fast applicable flood protection and a mobile noise protection wall provides fast efficient sound protection on construction sites, in events or wherever you want to temporarily protect against sources of loud noise. 


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