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The traditional CHP solution


With decades of established motor technology, the Patruus is the most experienced member of the 2G power plant family. It is a robust and efficient supplier of electricity and heat and is available in the electrical output range up to 64 kW.

The Patruus at a glance

  • CHP range with an electrical output of 50 to 400kW
  • Operation with natural gas or biogas
  • Designed as a turn-key compact module
  • High plant availability through established motor technology
  • Available both with aspirated motors and with turbocharged motors
  • Modular assembly facilities installation in less accessible locations
  • Robust and low maintenance


Type Configuration Electrical Output Thermal Output Electrical Efficiency Thermal Efficiency
Patruus 50 ct80-0 50 kW 70 Kw 35.4% 49.8%
Patruus 64 ct80-0 64 kW 85 Kw 36.3% 48.1%

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