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Install Options

2G offers a variety of options for installation to meet any site and requirement.

Fremantle Aquatic Centre

1. Container Modules

The modular design of an Evo containerised system provides enormous flexibility to organisations as their power needs increase. The modular design can be incrementally expanded in line with business growth.

2G Cogeneration container systems are an economical and energy efficient way of providing connection ready CHP operations. Along with the added convenience of an extremely portable, compact and all-in-one design. A container system can quickly and easily be transported to a new site. Such a convenient system is invaluable for a business and completely unique to Evo Energy Technologies and 2G.

Thousands of satisfied customers in the USA and Germany, appreciate the reliability, flexibility and superior energy efficiency of a 2G CHP containerised system.

Click HERE for a 360 degree view inside a 2G container.

Fremantle Aquatic Centre

2. Concrete Enclosure

Using a concrete acoustic enclosure in the Super Silent variant of 2G modules, noise levels can be reduced to 45 dB (A) at 10 m. In residential areas, for example, this secures the problem-free operation of a cogeneration module. Similar to the container option and very much like a prefabricated tilt-slab garage, the concrete acoustic enclosure can easily be positioned on site. Furthermore, it boasts a stylish look which adapts particularly well in any urban landscape.

Fremantle Aquatic Centre

3. Acoustic Cabinet

Designed for indoor installations, the 2G acoustic cabinet provides significant sound attenuation in a compact easy to install module. Especially designed for installation in existing buildings, we offer the delivery of a acoustic cabinet to reduce noise levels to 65 dB (A) at 10 m.

Fremantle Aquatic Centre

4. Open Frame

Open frame variants are delivered on an base frame with no sound attenuation. The open frame variant is best suited to an indoor plantroom location where noise output is not an issue. Open frame models provide ease of access for maintenance and service and well as high levels of flexibility.

Fremantle Aquatic Centre

5. Extras

2G are able to supply a wide array of extras with any CHP module. Equipment such as Gas Meter, Heat Dump Radiator, Selective Catalytic Reduction, Auto Oil Fill, High Ambient Cooling, Biogas Heating and Cooling, Activated Carbon Filters and many more are available on request.

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