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Heat Pump Systems

Evo Energy Technologies are experts in specifying and supplying heat pump systems to reduce energy expenditure. No matter where you are located, Evo is able to recommend a fully accredited contractor to project manage your energy efficiency project.

Heat Pumps are highly effective units which can dramatically reduce the running costs over other forms of heating and cooling.

There are 3 common variants of heat pump systems.

  • Air to Water
  • Air to Air
  • Water to Water

Air to Water

Air to Water Heat Pump generally use a fan to pull air though a coil. The ambient heat in the air is transferred to the refrigerant and transferred to the water via a heat exchanger. Most hot water and pool heating heat pump systems utilise this technology. It is simple and inexpensive to install and operate. Air to water heat pumps require ample fresh air to operate effectively. Air to water heat pumps can be very efficienct – Evo’s CS series Commercial Pool Heat Pumps convert 1kW of electricity into 5.63kW of heat.


3 Evo CS200’s installed at Redcliffe Aquatic Centre QLD

3 Evo CS200’s installed at Redcliffe Aquatic Centre QLD

Air to Air

Air to Air Heat pumps are exactly like most traditional airconditioning systems. Air is passed over a coil outside the building to either add or remove heat from the refrigerant. The warm or cold refrigerant is the passed over an internal coil to provide heating or cooling to a room or other space.

Water to Water

Water to Water heat pumps can be used in a variety of applications. A Chiller unit in many large office or hotel buildings is a good example. A water to water heat pump uses water from one source to transfer heat to another. Water to water heat pumps can utilise water from a lake, river, ocean, underground bore or a cooling tower to transfer heat or cold to a new location. Water to water heat pumps can provide extremely high levels of efficiency. The SHGP heat pump installed at the Fremantle Aquatic Centre (see our projects page) converts 1kW of electricity into over 6kW of thermal energy.



EVO SGHP300 Water to Water heat pump installed at Geraldton Aquatic Centre

Flexible Applications and Considerable Savings

Heat Pumps are able to be utilised in a wide variety of applications which require heating and cooling. Heat Pumps can offer the following savings over gas boiler and element technologies:

  • Domestic and Commercial Hot Water (70% cost reduction)
  • Pool Heating (80% cost reduction)
  • Space Heating and Cooling (50% cost reduction)
  • Industrial Processes requiring heating or cooling (60+% cost reduction)
  • Refrigeration
  • Chilled Water

Heat pumps are well proven technology which is simple to install, costs little to maintain and can provide very short return on investment in many areas. Evo Energy Technologies has access to the highest performance heat pump equipment on the market and available is sizes ranging from 5kW up to 3500kW.
Evo understand heat pump technology intimately and can specify and combine the ideal combination of systems to maximise the efficiency on any project.

Contact Evo today on (07) 3162 2213 to find out more about possible savings with Heat Pump Technology.

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