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Integrated Solutions

Evo Energy Technologies offers a customised equipment solution that performs three critical functions:

  • Reduces electricity consumption
  • Reduces gas consumption
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions

We specialise in three core areas to achieve tangible savings for your bottom line.

  • Cogeneration and Trigeneration technology
  • Heat pump technology
  • Heat recovery technology

Gas Boilers – A Dying Breed

Gas boilers have progressed about as far as physically possible. This technology has been around since man first used a fire to heat a pot of water. It hasn’t advanced much beyond this point. If your facility is using a gas boiler; then this is one of the biggest energy cost centres in your business.

Stop Burning Money with poor efficiency systems
Natural Gas isnt the only thing you are burning
if you’re using a gas boiler
Silica Deposits

Cogeneration and Trigeneration

Evo introduces 2G Cogeneration systems from Germany. 2G are market leaders and offer Cogeneration and Trigeneration with unparalleled efficiency. They have Cogeneration systems with efficiencies of 104%. This far exceeds other CHP products currently available.

Integrated Solutions

Heat Pump Technology

Heat pump systems offer significant savings over gas boiler systems for Australian businesses. Heat Pumps are generally lower capex than a Cogeneration or Trigeneration system. They provide faster ROI and simpler installation. Evo Energy Technologies has a broad range of heat pump systems in Air to Air, Air to Water and Water to Water configurations from 5kW to 3500kW.

Heat Recovery

Many facilities waste huge amounts of heat and cold from their buildings and processes. Using Evo’s heat recovery systems, it’s possible to recover this waste energy and transfer it to other processes.

For example, a hotel with a large HVAC chiller with a cooling tower would be dumping huge amounts of waste heat into the atmosphere. However with a heat recovery system, this waste heat can be used to preheat sanitary hot water or heat a swimming pool and many other applications. This means enormous potential savings. As energy costs rise, it makes excellent commercial sense to maximise the use of heat, cold and electricity for your processes.

Combine one or more of the above systems to extract the highest potential savings for your facility.
Evo have a specialist team of engineers and technical salespeople, who can analyse your business and put forward a solution based on the best equipment, the highest quality installation and long-term savings.

Call Evo Energy Technologies today on (07) 3162 2213 to find out more.

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