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Aquamaris GmbH

Module: G-Box 50
Gas Type: Natural Gas
Electrical Capacity: 50 kW
Thermal Capacity: 100 kW
Commissioning: 2010
Installation: Sound Capsule

Hotel Paradise boosts image and lowers energy costs

The Aquamaris beach villa complex is one of the largest hotels on RĂ¼gen. It features 263 penthouse and holiday suites and rooms. Along with four restaurants, a pub, beauty and wellness centre, swimming pool and more.

Since 2010, Aquamaris has relied on a G-Box 50 to supply heat and power. This meant a rapidly realised return on investment, while also making an environmentally friendly contribution towards reducing energy costs. Within the first ten months alone, the plant inexpensively and efficiently produced more than 300,000 kWh of electricity and over 580,000 kWh of heat.

Many other hoteliers stand to benefit from CHP as well. Combined heat and power systems gives hotels the opportunity to market themselves as environmentally friendly. A major competitive advantage.


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