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Biogas Nord GmbH (Biogas Plant)

Module: 2G-KWK-370BG
Gas Type: Biogas
Electrical Capacity: 370 kW
Thermal Capacity: 431 kW
Commissioning: 2007
Installation: Container

2G combined heat & power cogeneration in the capital of Belarus

2G’s increased focus on internationalisation paved the way to the company’s first plant in Belarus, which was commissioned in 2007. The 2G-KWK-370BG module had already proven itself time and again in Germany and central Europe. Now it provides Belarus with a safe and efficient power and heat supply using biogas. What’s more, the robust base engine and high quality of the overall combined heat and power plant, ensure continuous operation in spite of Belarus’ great temperature fluctuations. The plant’s smooth and dependable operation has enabled it to achieve very high annual running times, even at remote plant locations.

The 2G service network has now expanded into Eastern Europe. Our own 2G service technicians and specially trained service partners are decentralised and located in many different countries.

It’s very likely indeed that in the future, many more biogas-operated combined heat and power plants will be installed in Belarus. For instance, the Belarusian government has set the goal of increasing the country‚Äôs proportion of renewable energy in power supply to 32% by 2020. Reaching this goal will reduce the country’s dependence on energy importation and potentially meet future climate protection requirements.

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