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Ebersdorfer Bioenergie (Biogas Plant with District Heating)

Module: 4 x Agenitor 312
Gas Type: Biogas
Electrical Capacity: 4 x 450 kW
Thermal Capacity: 4 x 469 kW
Commissioning: 2011
Installation: Container
Expanding an existing plant with four Agenitor 312

2G has been a player on the German biogas market since it was founded in 1995. Starting with simple projects and small engines and working its way up, the company has completed a wide variety of complex biogas projects with many different requirements over the years. The introduction of the Agenitor series in 2010 was hailed as a ground-breaking innovation in the biogas market because of its enhanced energy-efficiency. This has increasingly led operators to upgrade their existing plants by adding Agenitor modules.

For instance the Ebersdorfer Bioenergie which previously had 850 kWel, was upgraded by 2G to a total of 2.6 Mwel by using four Agenitor 312 modules. The goal of this project was to build up a heat network for 150 households. Housing in the nearby area meant that special attention was paid to noise levels. In order to minimise the noise, one Agenitor 312 module was installed in a machine house, and three others were built into 2Gs proprietary Super Silent model (keeping noise emissions to not more than 55 dB(A) in 10m).

”We ended up opting for the Agenitor, because we were impressed by the basic engine’s running characteristics in combination with the optimisation work which 2G carried out.” said an operator at Ebersdorfer Bioenergie. Remote maintenance ensured perfect operability of the divided plants and outstanding maintenance characteristics, another major factor which persuaded the operators.


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