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Famila Shopping Mall

Module: 2 x Avus 500a
Gas Type: Natural Gas
Electrical Capacity: 2 x 526 kW
Thermal Capacity: 2 x 623 kW
Commissioning: 2007
Installation: Indoor Housing
Combined heat, power and cooling for Famila shopping centre

The Famila shopping mall in Oldenburg offers its visitors a cornucopia of over 50 stores ranging from chemists to jewellers. A highlight of the shopping centre is the FamilaXXL supermarket, a busy marketplace for fresh goods. 2G brought their powerful CHP system to the Oldenburg mall and radically improved the operating costs of the facility. The CHP exhaust heat was not used directly for heating purposes. Instead it was indirectly transformed into cooling power using a downstream absorption refrigerator.

Two Avus 500a were used in Famila, each with a thermal output of 623 kW. This was transformed into cooling power to provide air conditioning for the shopping centre and supermarket. Installing the combined heat, power and cooling system enabled Famila to save up to 40% in primary energy costs and reduce their CO2 emissions by 60%.


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