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Grow Energie

Module: 5 x Agenitor 212
Gas Type: Biogas
Electrical Capacity: 5 x 400 kW
Thermal Capacity: 5 x 445 kW
Commissioning: 2012
Installation: Container

Five Agenitor Modules Brave the Latvian Winter

In the North of Latvia, 2G installed five 400 kW modules with a total electrical capacity of 2,000 kW. Each of these plants included an Agenitor 212, with its class-leading energy-efficiency of 40.1%.

All modules are installed within a 9 meter container and connected to a 2.5 MW hydraulic switch. A transfer pump was installed to feed the generated heat into a heat net. Besides the highly efficient operating system, the installation of the complete project could be described as a logistics master-stroke. Over five consecutive days in spring 2012 and using only two trucks, the delivery and installation took place.

Project Manager Christoph Roters had this to say about the install: ”The biggest challenge was the outside conditions. Temperatures get as low as -32ºC during the Latvian winter. Nevertheless, high availability for 2G’s equipment must be guaranteed as usual. Since we have very high quality requirements with all components in our plants, we can realise projects without any problems in areas with tough climates – regardless if warm or cold”.

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