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Retirement Home “Talma Borgh”

Module: 2G-KWK-140EG
Gas Type: Natural Gas
Electrical Capacity: 140 kW
Thermal Capacity: 207 kW
Commissioning: 2012
Installation: Container

A 2G Container CHP goes to breathtaking heights

A project in the Dutch province of Gelderland demonstrates that combined heat and power plants (CHPs) needn’t be restricted to ground level. The Talma Borgh is a home for the elderly in Apeldoorn that had struggled with ever-increasing energy prices for years and finally found a solution with a combined heat and power plant from 2G.

Dutch contracting company EKOB Energy BV also assisted with the project. Structural restrictions prevented the plant from being installed at floor level in the building. An alternative location was quickly found on the building’s roof. With thorough planning and by using the flexible 2G containerised solution, this meant no major problems during the install and operational phases. Hauling the power plant onto a 15-metre high roof was nonetheless spectacular!
The container houses a 2G-KWK-140EG module. The CHP’s naturally aspirated engine allows it to achieve a very high thermal efficiency rating of 47.9%, with an absolute thermal output of 207 kW (140 kW electrical output). This means radically improved energy-efficiency for Talma Borgh.


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