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SIA DEK Systems (District Heating)

Module: Avus 500c
Gas Type: Natural Gas
Electrical Capacity: 600 kW
Thermal Capacity: 654 kW
Commissioning: 2012
Installation: Container

The first 2G natural gas module in Latvia

Having already completed several biogas projects in-country, 2G installed its first natural gas module (an Avus 500c) in Latvia in the autumn of 2012.

”The country’s unclear subsidy situation with CHP plants and competition from alternative fuels in heat generation, has meant that not many natural gas projects are being carried out in Latvia at present. But this plant provided ample proof that natural gas plants are still cost effective.” explained 2G project manager Christoph Roters.

”Completing this project provided 2G with an ever-growing wealth of experience with plants in new markets, such as eastern Europe. The fact that we have already completed 10 projects in Latvia means that we are familiar with the requirements specific to that country. This enables us to make quite reliable estimates of the planning and design work. Aside from the fact that the Avus 500c is the first 2G natural gas module in Latvia, we also celebrated another debut. At the customer’s request, the container was delivered in silver-grey with a green ellipse – a fancy experiment.” Roters said.


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