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Simonds International (Manufacturer of Cutting Tools)

Module: 3 x Avus 500c
Gas Type: Natural Gas
Electrical Capacity: 3 x 600 kW
Thermal Capacity: 3 x 681 kW
Commissioning: 2012
Installation: Container

Powerful Cogeneration in the USA

Thanks to 2G Cenergy Power Systems Technologies Inc. a new showcase project in the US showed the truly exciting possibilities and flexibility of cogeneration.

Massachusetts based cutting tool manufacturer Simonds International now uses three Avus 500c with a total electrical capacity of 1800 kW for power and heat. The modules work with a high availability, as a redundant system completely self-sufficient.

The overall energy demand of the corporation is easily met by the CHP plant (approx. 15.000 MW electrical/approx. 18.000 kW thermal). The client was very impressed by the swift installation time and flexible installation of the modules. Due to space constraints, three modules were able to be positioned side by side in the existing buildings.

This was an important landmark project for 2G in the US. Michael Turwitt, CEO of 2G Cenergy had this to say about it: “With every additional complex the publicity of the 2G ellipse increases on the American market”. Projects such as Simonds International show furthermore the possibilities of individual solutions we can offer to our customers.”


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