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Söbbeke organic dairy

Module: Avus 500b
Gas Type: Biogas
Electrical Capacity: 624 kW
Thermal Capacity: 700 kW
Commissioning: 2006
Installation: Concrete Sound Enclosure

Organic dairy uses bio-energy to make its milk products

Founded at the beginning of the 20th century, the Söbbeke organic diary in Gronau-Epe (in the Münsterland region) has been using renewable energy since 2006. The company focuses on sustainability in its use of combined heat and power generation. According to the company motto, Söbbeke strives to serve the environment and our fellow human beings with every action they take.

Biogas is produced about 1.2 kilometres away from the diary. The fermenter has a small CHP of its own, which supplies the heat needed for the fermentation process. A micro-gas CHP feeds excess gas into the Söbbeke organic diary in order to convert the heat and energy, in what we call a satellite CHP. With an electrical output of 624 kW and a supply temperature of 95°C, the Avus 500b supplies a 45,000-litre buffer tank and provides heat, used for cleaning the jars, bottles, tanks and filling machines.

The Söbbeke project in north-western Germany demonstrates the great potential of combined heat and power co-generation. Thanks to its ideal combination of energy production, energy transport and energy conversions, the CHP plant fits into Söbbeke organic dairy’s philosophy.


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