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Three Rivers

Solid Waste Landfill
Module: Avus 1000c
Gas Type: Landfill Gas
Electrical Capacity: 1,200 kW
Thermal Capacity: 1,196 kW
Commissioning: 2012
Installation: Container

Heat and Power from landfill gas in Mississippi

As a pilot project for renewable energy sources, the Avus 1000c with an 1.2 MW electrical capacity was successfully installed and launched in Pontotoc, Mississippi. This module utilises the accumulated landfill gas from Three Rivers Solid Waste Landfill in a highly efficient way to provide approximately 800 – 1,000 households in the surrounding area with power and heat. Through gas collectors and an attached line system, the accumulated gas is directed into the 2G module and transformed into power-heat-cogeneration.

At the complex, it is possible to enter the 2G module engine compartment directly from the workshop. To achieve optimum gas quality, a 2G gas cooling unit as well as a 2G activated carbon filter was used. Additionally, the complex was awarded CHP of the month in February 2012 at 2G.

Since 2009, 2G Energy AG has held shares in the US affiliate company 2G Cenergy Inc. With its early market presence in America, 2G will set a strategic course to shape the future of power-heat-cogeneration technology in the USA.


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