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TK Energie / Hospital Maria Hilf

Module: Agenitor 212
Gas Type: Biogas
Electrical Capacity: 400 kW
Thermal Capacity: 445 kW
Commissioning: 2012
Installation: Concrete Sound Enclosure

Don’t let a parking structure get in the way – CHPs for hospitals

A hospital in Stadtlohn (western Münsterland) was connected with a highly efficient source of heat and power, thanks to a 2G combined heat and power plant. In addition to a small CHP on the biogas plant itself, 400 kW was allotted to a satellite CHP about 2 km away (an Agenitor 212) at Maria Hilf Hospital in Stadtlohn, in order to maintain optimal heat supply on site.

The initial challenge to the project was the town’s high density of buildings. In addition to increased planning effort for noise emissions, special attention had to be paid to the appearance of the surrounding area.

2G’s specially developed Super Silent concrete acoustic hood (noise emissions not exceeding 45 dB(A) at 10 m) fulfilled the noise protection requirements. And a customised solution was found for the appearance. They put a concrete acoustic hood on the hospital’s parking structure. Then an opening was cut out of the structure’s top deck, through which all components could be lowered in with a crane. The paintwork for the concrete acoustic hood was also adapted to blend in with the parking structure. This project was yet another example of the versatility of 2G’s products. As well as the company’s commitment to finding customised solutions for special projects in every single case.


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