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Client: Dreamworld (WhiteWater World)

Location: Commera, QLD

Head Contractor: Evo Energy Technologies

Heat Pumps: 19 EvoHeat CS200 GEN-2 heat pumps

Application: Commercial Pool Heating

Key Outcomes: 

  • Reduced Dreamworld’s water heating costs by over 70%
  • Reduced carbon emissions by 35%


In March 2017, EvoEnergy dove into one of the largest water heating installations in Australia with a cutting-edge system upgrade.  This cutting-edge technology has helped WhiteWater World move one step closer to becoming one of the most energy efficient water parks in the world.  

Located right next door to Dreamworld, the Gold Coast’s youngest theme park, WhiteWater World, now features groundbreaking technology that delivers splashtacular fun to hundreds of thousands of guests every year and the fun doesn’t dip when the mercury drops. 

EvoEnergy’s water heating redesign now heats over 30 slides, water-rides and pools to a toasty 27 degrees while cutting existing carbon emissions by over 35 percent.  

19 high-performance EvoHeat CS GEN2 heat pumps provide WhiteWater World up to 3,610kW heating capacity, unparalleled energy efficiency and a reduction in running costs of over 70 percent.

WhiteWater World patrons weren’t the only ones to benefit from the water heating upgrade, with upgrades also taking place to the existing heating at Dreamworld’s Tiger Island and the crocodile pools.  Using an energy efficient EvoHeat CS 57 heat pump the water in Tiger Island remains at a comfortable 28-degree temperature for 12 of their big cats. 

This massive water heating redesign took over three months to install and involved various trades including hydraulic engineers, plumbers, electricians, BMS/Controls specialists, civil works contractors, laborers, gas technicians and design draftsman. 

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