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EvoET’s Cook & Phillip Project Takes Home Gold!

6 September, 2021 | Evo Energy
Evo Energy are ecstatic to announce our incredible achievement at the SPASA National Awards Ceremony! We have been recognised for our achievements in sustainability, being awarded the ‘Sustainable Project’ of...

Kilcoy Pastoral Co. Becomes Recipient of 4000kW Multi-Unit Project!

8 July, 2021 | Evo Energy
Kilcoy Pastoral Company has become the recipient of a 4000kW multi-unit project with biological gas treatment. Evo ET’s Cogeneration solution will utilise their waste product by converting it to clean...

Turning Pig Poo into Power!

18 May, 2021 | Evo Energy
A piggery and an abattoir in Central Queensland are involved in a ground-breaking project turning animal waste into power. Using Evo ET’s cogeneration technology, the company has been able to...

Barwon Water’s Colac Water Reclamation Plant to Convert Organic Waste to Electricity & Reduce Emissions

3 March, 2021 | Evo Energy
Barwon Water’s Colac Water Reclamation Plant has just received their 2G Agenitor 408 Biogas unit which will use organic waste to produce electricity. Using high strength organic waste from industries...
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