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With 2G’s CRM system, your valuable investment is connected to 2G’s central service headquarters in Heek, Germany and is monitored by our expert team of technicians 24 hours a day. Should an issue arise the equipment can be operated remotely by 2G technicians.

A 2G CHP system is expertly calibrated for full remote monitoring and control. This means that any problematic issues are identified and fixed in a timely and pre-emptive manner. Every 2G system supplied by Evo will be supplied with 2G’s CRM system as standard. The Client Remote Monitoring provides 24 hour a day monitoring of your CHP system to ensure the unit is operating smoothly at all times.


2G CRM: Cutting Edge Utilisation and Productivity

Operational performance and efficiency is measured incrementally and over time using our CRM. This ensures that all metrics and fluctuations are known, and any intervention is prompt.

Our CRM significantly reduces the risk of CHP plant failure, with an intensive remote monitoring system in place. The Cogeneration plant’s CRM can be monitored from thousands of kilometres away. Performance analysis and troubleshooting is possible around the clock from multiple locations.

The software supports remote troubleshooting including the adjustment of parameters and settings. This optimises performance from remote locations as well as on-site.

2g CRM System
CRM allows instantaneous response times by service personnel

The 2G CRM is a built with impeccable capabilities, technology and experience. It supports complex data monitoring, logging and remote communications and allows the operator to easily interact with the plant’s software and hardware.

Our CRM technology has been built and developed based on decades of experience in a range of industry applications from the national grid to standby power plants. It’s a cutting edge technology interface that will take your organisation’s CHP plant into the third decade of the 21st century.

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Monitor the status of the CHP system in realtime from any smartphone, tablet or PC.

Speak with Evo about the CRM today, call us on (07) 3162 2213!

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