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Provided that the equipment is correctly maintained, a 2G Cogeneration system is manufactured to provide many years of trouble free operation. Along with system availability exceeding 95%. A service plan is highly recommended to ensure optimal value from a 2G investment.


Fremantle Aquatic Centre

Oil change intervals must be observed for smooth operation. Evo Energy Technologies and 2G encourage client participation to provide a degree of ownership of the process. Also to ensure that the system is considered part of their everyday plant and equipment maintenance.

The optional Roth automatic oil refill system greatly simplifies the process of changing the oil. The Roth oil system means that oil is stored for collection at a later stage by a contractor. This requires very little effort on the part of the owner.


Fremantle Aquatic Centre

The 2G Basic service plan includes all scheduled parts and labour for the duration of the contract up to but not including the major overhaul interval*. Service intervals are every 2,000 hours for turbocharged engines; and 2,500 hours for naturally aspirated engines. 2G service intervals are the longest in the industry. This plan is in addition to the 2G Oil plan above.


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The 2G Premium service package includes all scheduled services and all unscheduled parts, labour and oil for the duration of the contract. Clients of the 2G Premium plan can rest assured that there are no additional hidden costs associated with the operation and service of their 2G system.

All components and labour are covered with this plan during the course of the contract*. The 2G Premium Plan gives 100% peace of mind and complete certainty on operational costs.

With the 2G Premium plan, subscribers can be certain there are NO extra costs to ownership for the duration of the plan.

Fremantle Aquatic Centre

All the above plans are provided with a simplified charge out free that’s based on a flat hourly rate. This makes managing your 2G investment incredibly easy. Speak with Evo Energy Technologies today on (07) 3162 2213!

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