Our Product Range

Natural Gas CHP


These natural gas cogeneration systems are stand-alone, connection ready, and tried and tested with tens of millions of logged operational hours across the world. 2G’s natural gas CHP plants significantly reduce a business’s reliance on the national grid, and the associated vulnerability to power outages and price fluctuations. An ultra low emissions capacity of up to 90% provides clients with an unparalleled performance guarantee.

2G Drives – Our Secret Weapon

Many CHP manufacturers simply take an engine and bolt on a series of pumps and heat exchangers and claim “latest technology”. 2G’s R&D subsidiary 2G Drives has some of the worlds leading experts on reciprocating engine technology including internationally recognized expert Dr Gunther Herdin.


2G are the undisputed market leaders in efficiency, build quality, engineering, reliability and overall value for money. There is no better Cogeneration product available on the market.

The Range

Patruus 263kW

Robust and efficient supplier of electricity and heat available in the output range up to 263kW.

Agenitor 95 to 450kW

Highly efficient power plant with optimised gas engine and lower fuel costs


Aura 100 to 150kW

Clean and efficient 100 to 150kW

g-box 20 to 50kW

The g-box is a small power plant by 2G ranging in electrical output from 20 to 50kW

Avus 550kW up natural gas

The Avus is a high-performance combined heat and power plant for high electrical power requirements (from 400 kW), which is used in industrial projects or to supply heat grids.

Install Options


Additional Equipment



As the authorised Australian 2G Partner, Evo’s cogeneration plants are electrically and thermodynamically superior. They are guaranteed to be more efficient than anything else on the market. Evo 2G Cogeneration systems are a clean, low-emission and commercially attractive way to generate heat and power for a myriad of commercial applications.


  • Proven operational reliability: With tens of millions of logged operational hours across the world.
  • Ultra Low Emissions: Up to 90% lower emissions capacity can be achieved.
  • Smart Operation: Automatically adjusts itself to changing energy densities and heat values.
  • Proven reciprocating engine technology: Low RPM compared to extreme high RPM axial or radial turbines with transonic velocities and increased rotation.
  • Low maintenance/ wear and tear: Reduced O&M and very easy to service with minimal down time.
  • 50% longer machine life expectancy: Return on investment and value for money is drastically improved due to a longer system life expectancy.
  • 40% higher fuel economy and energy-efficiency: 40% more efficient compared to ultra low efficient micro turbines. The most durable and energy-efficient natural gas CHP in its class.
  • Trusted operational excellence: Thousands of installations across the world and with tens of millions of operating hours with a high percentage of uptime.
  • Simply plug and play: A connection ready cogeneration plant that is carefully constructed in one module.
  • Intelligent control system: Fully integrated controls with proprietary electronic management.

Energy efficient

The most durable and energy efficient biogas CHP in its class

Heat and power

Smart and reliable solutions with combined heat and power


Proven reliability with 50% longer machine life expectancy

Utlra low emissions

Lower your C02 emissions by up to 90%

40% more efficient

40% higher fuel economy and energy efficiency compared to ultra low efficient micro turbines

Low maintenance

Reduce O&M and very easy to service with minimal down time


  • An advanced solid frame structure
  • High efficiency baseload engine
  • Extra large capacity oil sump
  • Auto makeup lubrication system
  • Manufactured, tested, and certified in accordance with all applicable standards
  • Double-bearing synchronous generator
  • Pre-pressure regulation options
  • Gas train and fuel system
  • Cutting edge two-stage fuel/air mixer
  • Protection devices and relays
  • Thermal circulation system with pumps
  • Rigorous and comprehensive factory testing
  • Exhaust system/silencer
  • Ultra low emissions capability
  • Thermal Heat Extraction & Pumps
  • Super silent advanced cooling system
  • General digital control system
  • Utility grade switchgear
  • Micro process digital electronic ignition
  • Heat value fluctuation detection
  • Multi level heat extraction system
  • Thermo hydronic system with exp. tank
  • Heat exchanger (jacket and exhaust)
  • Electronically operated circuit breaker
  • Online remote control and monitoring

Advanced structure

Built with advanced and solid frame structure

High efficiency

High efficiency Biogas baseload engine

Plug and play

Simple plug and play connection ready cogeneration plant that is carefully constructed in one module

Intelligent control system

Fully integrated controls with proprietary electronic management

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