City of Gold Coast Pimpama Sports Hub to be a Grid Neutral Smart Facility

  • 27 October, 2020
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Evo Energy Technologies is supplying the City of Gold Coast Pimpama Sports Hub, which is currently under construction, a 360kW 2G Agenitor 408 Cogeneration unit along with nine EvoHeat CS-GEN2 heat pumps for their Aquatic Centre!

The CHP is designed to participate in the electricity wholesale spot market. The unit will be turned on in times of high electricity demand to export power to the grid. The heat generated by the system will then be used to heat the pools.

The EvoHeat CS-GEN2 commercial pool heat pumps will provide energy efficient pool heating to maintain an optimum temperature year-round for facility users.

Using highly efficient and innovative installation with various technologies, Pimpama Sports Hub will be a grid neutral smart facility.

  • 360kW Agenitor 408 Cogeneration unit in 9.6m x 3.0m x 3.2m Super Silent Container on natural gas
  • 9x EvoHeat CS-GEN2 Commercial Pool Heat Pumps (2x CS200-GEN2, 4x CS145-GEN2, 2x CS120-GEN2)