Evo Energy Technologies: Advancing Sustainability in the Energy Landscape

  • 30 October, 2023
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At Evo Energy Technologies, our commitment to pioneering sustainable energy solutions is unwavering. The past few months, we've been actively engaged in various industry events and initiatives, further solidifying our position as a leading force in sustainable energy solutions.

WASTE EXPO: A Testament to Excellence

Our recent participation in Waste Expo highlighted our dedication to advancing best practices in waste management and environmental impact. Showcasing our comprehensive sustainable energy solutions, we displayed our meticulous design, installation, testing, and commitment to superior energy efficiency.

IFAT 2024 in Munich: A Platform for Innovation

Moreover, we're excited to announce our attendance at IFAT 2024 in Munich as delegates, where we'll be actively engaging with the latest innovations and technologies in water, waste, and raw materials management. Our focus is on staying updated with cutting-edge developments in the field. Learn more about the IFAT conference on their website.

Special Activities: 2G Site Tour and Biogas/Biomethane Projects

In addition, we're organising a 2G site tour and visits to biogas and biomethane projects, scheduled both before and after IFAT. For those interested in joining these informative sessions, please express your interest by contacting info@evoet.com.au

SPASA AWARDS: Recognising Excellence in the Industry

The SPASA Australia Awards recognised excellence in the swimming pool and spa industry, and we are thrilled to share the recognition received for our exceptional project at the Pimpama Sports Hub. This project, featuring a 360kW Agenitor 408 Cogeneration and eight EvoHeat CS-GEN2 heat pumps, was honored with the gold award for Commercial System. This accolade reflects our commitment to pioneering excellence and innovation in the industry, further acknowledged with Highly Commended honors in the Sustainable and Innovative Project categories.

Renewed Partnership with Bioenergy New Zealand

In line with our commitment to advancing the bioenergy sector, we've strengthened our partnership with the Bioenergy Association of New Zealand. This alliance is instrumental in accelerating bioenergy initiatives, aiming to generate jobs, secure investments, minimize waste, and promote the value of local resources, contributing positively to environmental sustainability.

Empowering Our Team for Unmatched Service

We're proud to announce that our team has been exclusively selected for an advanced training program focused on the esteemed MTU engine. This recognition not only acknowledges their leadership within the Australian energy landscape but also designates them as primary contacts for repairs nationwide. This achievement reflects the exceptional work standard and dedication that defines Evo Energy Technologies.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations as we continue our journey toward pioneering sustainable and groundbreaking solutions. Join us in our mission to revolutionise the energy landscape for a greener, more sustainable future.

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