Kilcoy Global Foods: Pioneering Carbon Neutrality in Agribusiness

  • 22 April, 2024
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We are excited to announce a landmark achievement in sustainable agribusiness. Kilcoy Global Foods, operated by Kilcoy Pastoral Co, has become the first large-scale beef processing facility in Australia, and potentially the world, to receive Carbon Neutral certification through Climate Active. This milestone sets a new standard for environmental sustainability in the global meat processing industry.

Evo Energy's Role in Kilcoy’s Sustainability

Evo Energy Technologies is proud to contribute to Kilcoy’s success with the installation of three Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units totaling 4000kW, our innovative Biological Desulphurisation Treatment system, and high-efficiency heat pumps. These technologies transform organic waste into renewable energy, significantly cutting carbon emissions and enhancing Kilcoy's energy self-sufficiency.

Advanced Technology Driving Sustainability

Our core technology at Kilcoy involves anaerobic digestion, converting biowaste to biogas, primarily methane, which then generates up to four megawatts of electricity annually—powering about 4,000 households. This process significantly reduces the reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Additionally, integrating biomass boilers and solar power has drastically decreased Kilcoy’s reliance on traditional energy sources, aligning with their ambitious emission reduction targets.

Industry Impact and Future Outlook

Kilcoy’s carbon-neutral status is a beacon for the meat processing industry, demonstrating the viability and benefits of sustainable practices without compromising on efficiency. As Kilcoy continues to innovate, it paves the way for others in the sector to follow, promoting a shift towards more environmentally responsible business practices.

This certification not only underscores Kilcoy’s commitment to sustainability but also highlights the potential for significant environmental impacts through innovative energy solutions. We celebrate this pivotal moment and look forward to inspiring and supporting other businesses in their sustainability journeys.

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