Kilcoy Pastoral Co. Becomes Recipient of 4000kW Multi-Unit Project!

  • 8 July, 2021
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Kilcoy Pastoral Company has become the recipient of a 4000kW multi-unit project with biological gas treatment. Evo ET's Cogeneration solution will utilise their waste product by converting it to clean and renewable energy, saving the company hugely on operational costs whilst also reducing their impact on the environment. The project is currently in its final stages, with commissioning being completed within the coming few weeks before handover.

The Kilcoy Pastoral Company is one of Australia's largest beef processors and are well recognised for their high quality beef products both nationally and internationally. The company has committed to sustainable operation to reduce their environmental impact and are continually seeking to implement new technology that will allow them to reach these goals.

In total, 3 CHP units totalling 4000kW were installed and will convert waste product to renewable energy. This project also included the supply and delivery of a turnkey biogas treatment plant including: TS biological scrubber, 2 biogas blowers, 1500kg active carbon filter tank, biogas analyser and heat pumps for scrubber temp control and gas chilling.

The Biogas treatment plant consists of the following components.

  • 2x Low pressure biogas delivery blowers
  • 1x TS Biological scrubber 2000m3/hr flowrate H2S inlet 1000ppm to H2S outlet less than 100ppm
  • 1x Gas dehumidification system
  • 2x 2000L Activated Carbon Tanks
  • 1x High pressure biogas delivery blower
  • 3x EvoHeat Command heat pumps for cooling and heating of the above processes

The Biological scrubber is designed to remove the vast majority of the H2S in the biogas. The gas is then dehumidified and passed through the two 2000L Activated carbon filters before being boosted by a biogas blower and delivered up to the 4MW power station. The three EvoHeat heat pumps provide heating and cooling to control temperature inside the Biological Scrubber, and also cooling to remove moisture from the biogas being delivered to the engines.