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GBox 20-50kW

GBox Series

The GBox 20 and 50 models are a giant leap forward in CHP technology. Using 2G’s proprietary condensing technology, the GBox is able to produce more energy than it consumes – 104% total efficiency!

GBox 20 and 50 are ideally suited to large domestic or small commercial applications where electricity and thermal usage is low. 

The GBox comes with all required electrical, control and water connections – this means extremely simple installation.

The GBox is so compact it will fit through a standard doorway opening enabling installation in small plantrooms.

Type Electrical Capacity Thermal Capacity Electrical Efficiency Thermal Efficiency
G-Box 20 20 kW 44 kW 32% 70.4%
G-Box 50 50 kW 100 kW 34.5% 68.6%


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