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Fremantle Aquatic Centre

Fremantle Aquatic Centre

Cogeneration and Geothermal Heating Project

  • Location: Fremantle, Perth, WA
  • Client: City of Fremantle
  • Head Contractor: Evo Industries Australia Pty Ltd

The Fremantle Aquatic Centre CHP and Geothermal Heating Project is a unique project that combines a Cogeneration unit with a Ground Source Heat Pump utilising a Shallow Aquifer Geothermal Bore System. This is the first project of its kind in Australia that combines these two technologies.

Fremantle Aquatic Centre

Engineering firm EMC designed the combination system to replace the existing gas boiler system providing heat to 1 @ 50m and 1 @ 25m outdoor swimming pools.

As part of a multi-million dollar renovation, a purpose-built plant room was constructed at the southern end of the property to house the CHP, heat pump, all associated pumps and the plate heat exchangers.

The Cogeneration plant provides electrical output in conjunction with a 30kW PV array. This is used to offset the facility’s electrical consumption and thermal energy to the centre’s two pools. The CHP system is currently scheduled to operate during peak periods, 5 days per week.

Cogeneration Plant

The MiracleGen CHP system is a fully integrated unit composed of a gasified Cummins engine, Leroy Somer alternator, ComAp controller and all required pumps and heat exchangers.

The Ground Source Heat Pump utilises warm water (approx. 26°C), from the Leederville Aquifer, Fremantle to heat both of the pools. The total efficiency of the heat pump during operation is over 600%. The production bore is located approx 30m away from the plant room and the injection bore is located approx 350m to the west of the production bore. Significant monitoring and warning systems are installed as part of the project’s groundwater license. These controls are fully integrated into the ComAp BMS system.


Miracle Gen CHP System

The MiracleGen CHP unit is supplied with a ComAp Intelligen NT controller. This controller system was expanded to provide a full BMS system that operates the entire pool plant room including all of the heating and pumping equipment. The ComAp Intelligen NT controller has full control, monitoring and reporting capabilities system-wide. It’s also able to calculate GHG and cost savings via integrated gas and water flow meters



Intelligent nt control

As part of the upgrade, the existing Submain and MSSB were removed and replaced with new purpose-built components.


Project Specifications

Miracle Gen Electrical
  • 1 @ MiracleGen MC131N-SC CHP Unit 75kW electrical and 120kW thermal
  • 1 @ heat rejection radiator to provide 100% of CHP’s load
  • 1 @ SGHP300MHT water-to-water heat pump 330kW output at design conditions
  • 4 @ Davey Isospec pool pumps
  • 4 @ Sondex PHE’s
  • 1 @ Wilo submersible bore pump
  • 1 @ Forster self-cleaning bore filter
  • 2 @ Wilo hot loop circulation pumps
  • 1 @ MSSB
  • 6 @ Endress & Hauser promag flow meters
  • 1 @ Itron natural gas quantanometer
  • 24 @ Siemens temperature sensors
  • Associated plumbing, electrical and mechanical components
  • Full Borefield monitoring and controls

At the time of writing, pre-commissioning checks on the system were recently completed.

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