Dreamworld – mission complete

  • 20 September, 2018
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Evo Energy Technologies have recently completed the largest heat pump installation in Australia with a massive 3,610kW heating capacity at Dreamworld’s WhiteWater World, heating over 30 slides, water-rides and pools to 27 degrees for year- round warm water.

This system upgrade has seen some of the newest advancements in water heating technology replacing WhiteWater World’s gas boiler system with 19 energy efficient EvoHeat CS200 GEN2 heat pumps that now reduce Dreamworld’s water heating running costs by over 70 percent.

This cutting-edge technology has helped WhiteWater World move one step closer to becoming one of the most energy efficient water parks in the world.

On top of the environmental benefits, the smart control and monitoring capabilities will also boost WhiteWater World’s operational efficiencies. WhiteWater World can now monitor and remotely control all aspects of their water heating plant to ensure maximum comfort levels for their guests all year round.

WhiteWater World patrons aren’t the only ones to benefit from the water heating upgrade, with upgrades also taking place to the existing heating at Dreamworld’s Tiger Island and the crocodile pools. Using an energy efficient EvoHeat CS 57 heat pump the water in Tiger Island remains at a comfortable 28-degree temperature for 12 of their big cats.

This massive water heating redesign took over three months to install and involved various trades including hydraulic engineers, plumbers, electricians, BMS/Controls specialists, civil works contractors, laborers, gas technicians and design draftsman.

Team work played a major part in the successful completion of this immense installation that has resulted in 19 heat pumps online, at set point and connected to the external monitoring system.
While there are some final tweaks to the system, Paul Callander, Executive GM Commercial & Development, is delighted not only with the final results and quality of workmanship shown but how well all those involved collaborated.

“As we stand today the works undertaken have been a resounding success. This is a tremendous and sustainable step in making Dreamworld’s WhiteWater World the best waterpark in Australia. I genuinely believe this install will continue to exceed all expectations, well into the future and will encourage other businesses to follow in our footsteps,” Mr Callander said.