New Award: Global Malting Company

  • 20 April, 2022
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Evo Energy Technologies has been contracted by one of the world’s leading Malting companies, to install two highly efficient CHP engines in a robust containerised solution at their Perth facility.

Evo ET will oversee the project, as well as provide ongoing service and maintenance of both engines. All works conducted by Evo ET and its contractors will strictly adhere to the International ISO 9001 standard and all relevant Australian regulations.

Two Avus 1200e EG Containerised CHP Engines will provide electricity and thermal energy to be used behind the meter. Furthermore, the solution offers infinite variability between partial and full load, allowing for excellent flexibility to ensure maximum utilisation of both electricity and thermal energy.

The premium service maintenance package provided by EvoET guarantees the client a minimum average annual uptime of 94%, as well as the abatement of net 10,788t CO2 emissions!

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